Ukraine: Visa Information

Starting July 1, 2005 Ukraine sets VISA FREE REGIME FOR U.S. CITIZENS,

Since July 1, 2005 VISA FREE REGIME has been introduced in Ukraine for citizens of the United States of America, that provides visa-free entry to Ukraine and transit through its territory for U.S. citizens planning to stay in Ukraine up to 90 days within six month period.

This regulation is not extended to the immigrant visas, student visas with the purpose to study in Ukraine and for those U.S. citizens, who enter Ukraine with the purpose to work at the U.S. diplomatic/consular missions in Ukraine and to the cases if the U.S. citizens stay in Ukraine more than 90 days within the period of six months.

For Single/Double and Multiple Entry visa costs/processing, please see the information below:

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  • Visas cannot be obtained at the border except by persons holding a passport from a country with NO Embassy of Ukraine
  • Validity of Single/Double Ukrainian visa is 6 months for persons traveling on a USA passport or Re-Entry Permit (US Permanent Residents)
  • Allow 21 days (3 weeks) for regular visa processing


[fancy_header3]VISA PROCESSING REGULATIONS – How to obtain a visa[/fancy_header3]

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  • [fancy_link link=”/travel/visaservice/Visa_Questionnaire.pdf” title=”Click Here for Visa Questionnaire”]Print out and complete 4 page visa questionnaire[/fancy_link]
  • Valid passport, validity of which does not expire for at least 30 days after scheduled return from Ukraine
  • Two passport size photos (black & white or color)
  • Applicable visa fee (see below) plus per person $35 handling fee and $25 postage (courier) per booking


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Only upon receipt of the above, Scope will:
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  • Complete and review information on actual 4 page visa for Ukraine
  • Provide support documentation needed to process your visa
  • Return the visa-ed passport to you by courier service


[fancy_header3]COST OF VISA – effective Aug. 2009[/fancy_header3]
Please note: visa cost, handling fee and postage (courier) charges are non-refundable in the event that visa is refused or not used. Scope travel will not be responsible for loss or theft of documents when using any courier service: FEDEX, UPS, AIRBOURNE, DHL, EXPRESS MAIL or other.

Please allow indicated number of days for visa issuance:

Regular Visa 21 days
Express Visa 5 days
Single Entry Regular $100 +$35 handling + $25 postage
Single Entry Express $200 +$35 handling + $25 postage
Double Entry Regular $110 +$35 handling + $25 postage
Double Entry Experss $220 +$35 handling + $25 postage
Multiple Entry Regular $165 +$50 handling + $25 postage
Multiple Entry Express $330 +$50 handling + $25 postage

[fancy_header3]MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA REQUIREMENTS:[/fancy_header3]

A multiple entry visa is issued on basis of a letter of invitation from the business entity that is inviting you. It is submitted to the Embassy/Consulate with your completed questionnaire, passport, and 2 photos. This letter of invitation must be written on original letterhead stationery (No FAX or PHOTOCOPY permitted) and must include the following information:

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  • Proposed length of visa validity (maximum 3 years). Make certain your passport is valid for 3 years. Visas are not transferable from one passport to another.
  • YOUR FULL NAME, passport number, its validity, issue location
  • YOUR USA ADDRESS and intended address of stay in Ukraine
  • REASON (purpose) for multiple entries
  • Responsibility clause for: accommodations, food, transportation and medical expenses must be included in letter of invitation by sponsor.


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  • Allow from 21 to 45 days for regular Multiple Entry Visa issuance!!