Travel Tips

This is a collection of tips, ideas and suggestions compiled from our experiences during frequent travel to Ukraine and the latest changes in laws and regulations affecting travel to Ukraine. Should any changes occur we will notify you prior to your departure to Ukraine.


TRANSPORTATION ITINERARY: Enclosed is your preliminary itinerary. Flights/times may change. A final itinerary will be mailed to you with documents about- 21 days prior to departure if you purchased your airline ticket via Scope Travel.

INSURANCE BROCHURE:A brochure is enclosed. Please deal DIRECTLY with Travelex Insurance Services, Inc.

VISA FOR UKRAINE, POLAND and HUNGARY:are NOT required by USA and CANADIAN Citizen. Person with other documents please contact Scope Travel.

PASSPORT:Valid USA/Canadian Passport, validity of which does not expire 6 months after scheduled return from Europe. A PHOTOCOPY of (p.1-2) must be at SCOPE TRAVEL 60 days prior to departure date.

Upon arrival in Ukraine, pass through passport control, claim baggage than proced through the “GREEN” corridor to the customs hall. As of 2012 all declaration entry and exit form are no longer required.

USA CUSTOMS: The following is PER PERSON guideline only. For more specific information, contact your local customs office.

  • USA customs regulations permit $800 worth of merchandise per person, duty free.
  • Keep all sales receipts handy for verification, if needed.
  • Expect to pay 10% of the first $1000 worth of goods over $800.
  • Your $800 may include 1 carton of cigarettes/cigars and 2 liter of alcoholic beverage, per person.
  • A special clearance receipt must accompany antiques, artworks from the ministry of culture, local office ministry of culture.
  • Any item(s) purchased abroad and mailed should NOT be declared as part of the $800 exemption; these items will be subject to duty when received in the U.S.
  • Remember, there are items banned by the U.S. government, i.e. tortoise shells, ivory, Cuban cigars etc. For further information, please contact your local customs office.

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Miscellaneous Information


Allowance is 1 (ONE) suitcase per person at 50 lbon trans Atlantic carriers. Please be prepared to pay $75.00 for the second piece and $150 for the third. Inter-Ukraine flights permit 50lbs per person.
HAND LUGGAGE: only one piece is permitted on board 15lbs and MUST FIT in overhead compartment.
PORTERAGE: Handling and porterage of ONE (1) piece of luggage per person is included on Scope tours. Porterage of each additional piece is $40 payable at airport check-in.

TIME: Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of USA Eastern Standard Time. Poland and Hungary are 6 hours ahead.

TEMPERATURE: When traveling to Ukraine, wear clothing appropriate to Eastern USA cities. Average temperature is as follows:
50 degrees in April, 60/70 in May, 70 in June and 80/90 in July and August. Remember to bring along a raincoat, umbrella and comfortable shoes.

New York >> Kyiv Washington DC >> Odesa
Denver >> Lviv San Fransisco >> Yalta

HOTELS: Western standards are applied to all Scope group hotels in Ukraine. Most hotels have air conditioning except those in the Carpathian Mountains. All hotel rooms have private washroom facilities. Single rooms must be requested, confirmed and prepaid at time of booking.

HEALTH: Levels of radiation in food items are no longer of any known medical significance. DO NOT DRINK tap water. We recommend you drink bottled water only. Montezuma’s revenge can strike even in Europe. See web site for prepaid meals on your tour. For local restaurants inquire at hotel reception, from SCOPE ESCORT or your family/friends. SMOKING is banned by authorities in restaurants, rail dinning cars and on domestic flights.


Tipping was not a traditional practice during the Soviet era, but it has quickly made headway within the tourist industry. Like everywhere else in the world, appropriate tipping is approximately 10-15%.. For general orientation, allow about $10 per day per person for general overall tipping, This includes the guide, bus drivers and tour managers. i.e: if you are taking a 10 day tour, expect to pay about $100 per person in gratuities. Gratuities for group meals and group baggage transfers are covered by the tour operator.
   Tour Manager    $5.00 per diem (should be given on the last day at farewell dinner)
   Local Guide       $2.00 per 4 hr tour (should be given at the end of each city stay)
   Bus Driver/s      $1.00 per excursion ($2.00 per diem) should be given at the end of each day
   Cruise tipping    $5.00 per diem per cabin for charwoman, restaurant and bar 10-15%

   Porters             $1-2   per suitcase

TELEPHONE SERVICES: International calls may be made from your hotel. Inquire at reception desk for procedure. Calls to the USA can average $5.00 per minute and NO COLLECT CALLS are permitted. We suggest you purchase a “calling card” and use it in an international public phone booth. Your call will average $1-$2 per one minute or purchase an international chip for your USA cell phone. Most hotels have Wi-Fi and you can use your own personal computer. When calling from USA dial 011 (International operator), 380 (for Ukraine) then city code: KYIV 44, LVIV 32, FRANKIVSK 342 + your 7 digit number.
Internet : If not found in your hotels, internet is most readily available at Internet Cafes.


Camera film is more readily available today than before but selection is limited. Bring along an ample supply of film, batteries, videocassettes, etc. NOTE: Please be aware that all video equipment in Ukraine is PAL-SECAM format.


We suggest you bring the following supplies which are not always available or are of a lesser quality than what we are used to.

  • PERSONAL ITEMS: moist towelettes, toothpaste, soap, hair spray, hair curler, shampoo, deodorant, razor/blades, toilet paper, tissue, feminine needs, etc.
  • INSTANT COFFEE/POWDERED MILK, snacks, sugar/salt substitutes.
  • PRESCRIPTION glasses (extra pair), prescription medicine, vitamins, bandaids, headache remedies; for diarrhea: Kaopectate, Lomotil or Immodium-D.
  • Bring your own supply of cigarettes – your brands may be available and they are very inexpensive in Ukraine… but the flavor of the locally packed cigarettes is MUCH different from normal USA brands.
  • Alarm clock, small flashlight .


The current in Ukraine is 220 volts, 50 hZ. You will need a converter and a 2-prong round plug adapter. The strength of the current varies throughout the day; be mindful of this when using appliances. Remember to include converters and adaptors when bringing gifts of 110 volt electronics.

CURRENCY: The official monetary unit in Ukraine today (Jan 2012) is the HRYVNIA. Rate of exchange is about 8.00 hryvni (plural) to US $1.00. Traveler’s checks are rarely accepted, however credit cards can be used at larger hotels, stores and restaurants. USA DOLLARS, GERMAN MARKS and EUROS are the most readily accepted western currencies. Be certain to have plenty of small denominations on hand. Bring cash that is clean (UNMARKED and NOT TORN) and issued after 1995. Use your CREDIT CARDS only in major hotels, major restaurants or department stores and do NOT forget to advise your CC Company that you are traveling to Ukraine.


Souvenir items to purchase range from vodka and champagne to embroidery, lace, hand-painted lacquered boxes (Palekh), wooden nested dolls, wooden spoons/bowls and carvings, perfumes, amber, kilims, stamps and books. Some bargaining is expected at outdoor bazaars and when purchasing from artisans, but not in stores with set prices.


Gold, antiques, coral, icons, furs and caviar, valuable paintings, you will need a special document from the local authorities to avoid any problems with customs when leaving Ukraine.

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Suggestion List – Gifts for Relatives/Friends in Ukraine


CASH is the best gift for relatives in Ukraine (CLEAN, UNMARKED, NOT TORN and issued AFTER 2000) in $20 and $50 denominations. Remember, today you can buy anything in Ukraine – if you have the money!!!


  • Dresses, Jackets, Jean Skirts/Pants/Jackets, Sweaters/Turtle Necks, Pantsuits, Blouses, Bathing Suits
  • Winter Coats, Trench Coats, Leather Jackets, Fake Furs
  • Winter Boots, Gloves, Belts, Shoes (Wide), Tennis Shoes
  • Costume Jewelry – Earrings, Necklaces, Brooches
  • Sewing Machines, Yarn, Angora, Acrylic, Needles, Zippers, Etc.
  • Hair Dryers, Steam/Curling Irons
  • Portable Electric Mixers
  • Lingerie: Full Slips, Bras, Girdles, Pantyhose
  • Cosmetics: Lipstick, Eye shadow, Mascara, Nail Polish


  • Suits, Shirts/Ties, Jean Pants/Jackets, Polo Shirts, Bathing Trunks, Gym Shorts, Long Johns, Sweaters
  • Shoes/Socks, Tennis Shoes, Winter Boots, Gloves/Belts
  • Coats, Winter/Trench, Lightweight Jackets, Winter Hats
  • Double Razor Blades


  • Winter Parkas/Hooded
  • All T-Shirts, Gym/Sweat Suits, All Clothing, Bathing Suits
  • Shoes, Sneakers, Boots
  • Toys: Crayons/Color Books, Playing Cards, Markers, Electronic Games, Puzzles, Barbie Dolls, Matchbox Cars, Candy/Gum, Soccer Balls, Sunglasses


  • Aspirin, Anacin, Bufferin, Band-Aids, Kaopectate, Cough Syrup, Alka Seltzer, Antacids, Cold Remedies, Acne Creams, Vitamin/Mineral Supplements
  • Prescription Medicine


  • Tape/Video Recorders, Latest Rock Tapes/CDs, Calculators, Short Wave Radios, Polaroid Cameras, Brand Name 35mm Cameras, Walkman Tape/CD Players, Small Appliances, Violin/Guitar Strings
  • Rechargeable Batteries, Battery Rechargers, Electronic Musical Instruments, Umbrellas
  • Cigarette Lighters (cigarettes are available in Ukraine at about $10 per carton) …though the brand is the same, local production changes the taste. Bring your supply from home.

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Embassy Information

Vul. Yurija Kotsiubynskoho 10

Tel: 244 7349 and 244 7354

Fax: 244 7350


5 Roza Luxembourg St.

Tel: 291 89 78

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Baggage Specifications


On international flights, passenger is allowed 1 bags of 50 lbs (20 kg). SECOND PIECE ON ALL CARRIERS will cost $150.00 USD and third $200.


TOTAL of measurements (A+B+C) not to exceed:

1st suitcase checked-in carry-on
Max = 62 in (157cm) Max = 45 in (115cm)