BEST OF UKRAINE 2020 plus Budapest
[image_frame width=”320″ height=”210″ style=”framed_shadow” align=”center”] [/image_frame] 12 Day All Inclusive Escorted Tour Tour  Dates: June 17 – 28, 2020 July 28 – Aug 7, 2020

KYIV (3), KARPATY-TATARIV (2), LVIV (4), BUDAPEST (3) Plus: Ivano Frankivsk – Kosiv – Kryvorinia – Verkhovyna – Vorokhta – Yaremche – Kolomyja and Szentendre Artisan Village near Budapest.

[two_fifth] Land Tour cost: Single suppl: Gratuities Arriving: Departing: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] $2800 Land rate per person double occupancy $700 $150 Kyiv Budapest [/three_fifth_last] [divider_padding] [two_fifth] FLIGHTS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] We will assist you in obtaining your international flights from your gateway city in USA or Canada. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10] [two_fifth] INTER CITY TRANSPORTATION: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] Kyiv/ Ivano Frankivsk by plane, deluxe AC coach from Ivano Frankivsk through Karpaty to Lviv, firstclass sleeper train from Lviv to Budapest. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10] [two_fifth] HOTELS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] Kyiv: Ukraina Hotel***, Lviv: Hotel Astoria****, Tatariv: Koruna Hotel**** , Budapest: Erszebet Hotel**** [/three_fifth_last] [margin10] [two_fifth] SIGHTSEEING: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] As per itinerary including all entrance fees. No extra charges. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10] [two_fifth] ESCORT: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] English-Ukrainian speaking tour manager for groups of 15 or more. Local bi-lingual guides will be provided at each destination for groups of less than 15. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10] [two_fifth] MEALS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] As indicated on itinerary. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10] [two_fifth] SIDE TRIPS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] If you wish to visit surrounding areas of Kyiv, Carpathian area or Lviv on one/two day excursions or extend your stay in Budapest, this may be arranged at additional cost. Advance confirmation is recommended. Chauffeured cars are available for about $150-$200 per day, and a guide-interpreter is about $15 an hour. No refund will be forthcoming for unused group services. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10] [two_fifth] TOUR DOCUMENTS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] USA and Canadian citizens DO NOT require visas for Ukraine or Hungary. Persons holding other documents, please check with Scope Travel consultant. [/three_fifth_last]

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B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner

[margin10] [fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 1 Wednesday[/fancy_header3]

USA/Canada – Ukraine

Please be at your gateway AIRPORT at least 3 hrs prior to flight departure time. Your baggage must be checked to your final destination KYIV (code KBP). One piece of checked baggage at 50 lbs is pemitted.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 2 Thursday[/fancy_header3]

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Upon arrival in Kyiv, you will be met and transferred to group hotel. In the evening, we proceed to the Memorials on MAIDAN to pay our respects and lay flowers in memory of the Nebesna Sotnia and other heroes of the MAIDAN. Welcome cocktail and dinner at hotel. [divider_padding] [fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 3 Friday[/fancy_header3]

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Morning panoramic city tour of Kyiv includes: Khreshchatyk Boulevard, Volodymyr’s Hill, Kyiv National University, the Opera House, St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral and the 11th century Golden Gate.  The highlight of this tour is St. Sophia Cathedral constructed in the 11th c. by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Its construction reflects a strong Byzantine influence, and its interior is a unique harmonious union of mosaics and fresco paintings. Directly opposite St. Sofia (about 500 m.), you will visit the newly (1999) reconstructed St. Michael’s Sobor.  Afterwards we leave you in the Uzviz artisan section for an afternoon of shopping in an open air bazaar of more than 100 kiosks.  Afternoon free.  Dinner under own arrangements.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 4 Saturday[/fancy_header3]

Kyiv – Karpaty
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We continue our sightseeing of Kyiv with a morning tour of Pecherska Lavra (Monastery of the Caves), an active monastery founded in the 11th c. and center of Christianity for Kyivan-Rus. Its complex of churches reflects a unique Ukrainian baroque style which is only surpassed by the beauty of the newly reconstructed Uspenskyj Cathedral (1998), destroyed by Soviet mines in 1941. The labyrinths of the “near” and “far” caves hold over 115 burial niches containing remains of St. Antoniy, Nestor the Chronicler, and many religious figures. World-renowned Scythian Gold treasures are exhibited within its walls. Lunch under own arrangements. Afternoon visit to Mezhyhiria, Viktor Yanukovych resided here while Prime Minister and later President of Ukraine. Deposed by the Revolution of Dignity, he fled Ukraine in Feb, 2014. Today it is a museum displaying his excessive opulence. The estate is situated on the banks of the Dnipro River and covers over 350 acres. We end our stay in Kyiv and board an evening flight to Ivano Frankivsk, the capital of this pre-Carpathian region. Dinner at Nadia Hotel and transfer to Tatariv. [divider_padding] [fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 5 Sunday[/fancy_header3]

Karpaty – Tatariv
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Today we begin our Carpathian adventure. We drive through some of the most enchanting Carpathian villages: Kosiv, Kryvorivnia, Verkhovyna, Vorokhta. A polonyna lunch with banosh, cheese tasting and shashlyky awaits you. It will be magical traveling by jeep. We will venture into the high mountains, where buses are inaccessible and where only sheep and goats roam the pastures. Afternoon drive to Bukovel for a ski lift ride to view Chornohora, Ukraine’s highest mountain peaks. A folkloric dinner will be served in Koruna Hotel.

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[divider_padding] [fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 6 Monday[/fancy_header3]

Tatariv – Lviv
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We begin our day today with a visit to Yaremche and its famous bazaar/kiosks. You are in the capital of the most colorful ethno-cultural group of Ukrainians – the Hutsuls. This eventful day continues with a stop in Kolomyia, the heart and soul of this region. We visit the famous Pysanka Museum and the Museum of Wood Carving and Fine Arts. Lunch at a local restaurant. We continue by our touring coach to Lviv.

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Situated in the western part of Ukraine, Lviv, the “City of Lions,” is its heart and soul. Founded in the 13th c. by King Danylo Halytckyj, it was named in honor of his son Lev (Leo). Through centuries of Polish, Austrian and Soviet occupation, Lviv was the gateway to “the East,” but with independence in 1991, Lviv is finally free to develop its own Ukrainian identity. Estimated arrival, 8PM. Dinner and evening under own arrangements. [fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 7 Tuesday[/fancy_header3]

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Highlights of today’s morning city center walking tour are Rynok, the 15-16th c. city square, the Dominican Church, Armenian Church Complex, the Chapel of the Bojim Family, the Armenian Quarters and the Opera House. Remainder of the day free. Dinner under own arrangements. Optional: Philharmonic Hall or Opera Theater performance (pending availability)

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Today we proceed on a bus tour of Lviv and will visit Vysokyj Zamok, Lviv University, St. George’s Cathedral, the stronghold of Western Ukraine’s Catholic Church and Lychakiv Cemetery. We stop at the memorial museum “Prison on Lontskoho Street” – the first museum prison in Ukraine dedicated to the memory of those who suffered at the hands of Ukraine’s occupiers. From 1939-1941, thousands of political prisoners were brutally tortured and executed by Soviet authorities. The prison was in use till 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed. Many well-known Ukrainians were imprisoned here for their anti-Soviet activities. Our final stop is the Ukrainian Catholic University campus (UKU), where we will see the newly constructed church and the most modern library in Ukraine – memorium to Andrij Sheptyckyj. Lunch in University cafeteria. Afternoon and evening free. [divider_padding] [fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 9 Thursday[/fancy_header3]

Lviv – Budapest
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Breakfast at hotel. Free day. Do some last minute shopping at the Vernisazh (open air bazaar near the Lviv Opera). We say farewell to Ukraine and depart at 11PM by first-class sleeper train to Budapest. Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is bisected by the River Danube. Its 19th-century Chain Bridge connects the hilly Buda district with flat Pest. A funicular runs up Castle Hill to Buda’s Old Town, where the Budapest History Museum traces city life from Roman times onward. Trinity Square is home to 13th-century Matthias Church and the turrets of the Fishermen’s Bastion, which offer sweeping views. Its sites are one of the most beautiful in the world and its city center along the Danube is a UNESCO heritage site. Budapest has about 80 geothermal springs and the largest thermal cave system and the third largest Parliament building in the world. With 5 million tourist visiting it annually – Budapest is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

[image_frame width=”290″ height=”210″ style=”framed_shadow” align=”center”][/image_frame] [image_frame width=”290″ height=”210″ style=”framed_shadow” align=”center”][/image_frame] [image_frame width=”210″ height=”210″ style=”framed_shadow” align=”center”][/image_frame]

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You will be met at Keleti rail station by your local guide and touring coach and immediately proceed to the hills of the PEST side for a tour. This morning you will see BUDA and PEST. From the hills of the PEST side, you will see St. Mathieu’s Church, Hungary’s Gothic Coronation Church and the fairytale-like Fisherman’s Bastion, including the Parliament and the Historical Square on the Buda side. A wonderful brunch awaits you before you check into your hotel on the Buda side. Afternoon is free. After dinner, you will enjoy a Champagne Danube Cruise. [divider_padding] [fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 11 Saturday[/fancy_header3]

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Morning free. Early afternoon transfer to the artisan village of Szentendre – town on the Danube River, north of the capital, Budapest. It’s known for its baroque architecture, churches, colorful houses and narrow, cobbled streets. The main square and the alleyways around it are lined with art galleries, museums and shops. Near the square, the 18th-century Greek Orthodox Blagovestenska Church has elaborate decor and an ornate partition screen. A folkloric gem for shopping and later a Gala Farewell Dinner with gypsy revelry.

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[divider_padding] [fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Day 12 Sunday[/fancy_header3]

Budapest / USA or Canada
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After breakfast – transfer to airport for your flights home. [divider_padding] [titled_box title=”LVIV OPTIONAL TOURS:”] [squeeze_list style=”info_list”]

  • Skansen- open air museum Shevchenko Haj + Lychakiv Cemetery (3 hours)

    [fancy_header]Price: $45 (4 hrs – minimum 6 persons)[/fancy_header] The open air Museum of Folk Architecture deserves special attention. The exhibit includes wooden structures from the 18th –20th cent., grouped into villages surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. The Lychakiv Cemetery is known for its beautiful and unique tombstone sculptures. Ivan Franko, Solomia Krushelnytska, Filaret and Mykola Kolessa, Volodymyr Ivasiuk, Volodymyr Tysovsky and other notables are buried there.

  • Metropolytan Andrej Sheptytsky National Museum + Ethnographic Museum (2 hours)

    [fancy_header]Price: $20 (entrance fees included, minimum 3 persons)[/fancy_header] The National Museum has the largest icon-paintings collection in Ukraine. The Ethnographic Museum displays the rich folk heritage of Western Ukraine.

  • Zhovkva City Tour and Krekhiv Monastery + incl lunch (6 hs minimum 6 persons)

    [fancy_header]Price: $70[/fancy_header] After Lviv, Zhovkva has the largest number of architectural monuments in the region. Highlights include the ancient Castle of the 17th –18th cent., the Market Square, the Roman Catholic Parish Church of 17th c. (Renaissance), Basilian Monastery, Church of the Nativity and the 17th century Synagogue. Krekhiv, village in the Zhovkva district, 40 km from Lviv, was first mentioned in historical sources dating to 1456. It is best known for the 17th -18th cent. Basilian Monastery. Many structures have been preserved: St. Nicholas Church, Holy Trinity Church, bell tower, walls and gates. Restored in 1991, the monastery has a beautiful linden tree alley from the 17th century.

  • Pochaiv Monastery + Olesko Castle + incl lunch (10 hours)

    [fancy_header]Price: $95 (entrance fees included, minimum 6 persons)[/fancy_header] After Kyiv’s Cave Monastery (Pecherska Lavra), Pochaiv is the second largest Orthodox shrine in our country. It is located in the Ternopil region, 140km northeast of Lviv. According to legend, it was founded by Kyiv monks fleeing the Tatar invasion of 1240. The Monastery itself was first mentioned in the chronicles of 1527. The central church of the Monastery complex is the Dormition Cathedral (1771-1783). The Pochaivska Lavra is one of the most celebrated pilgrimage sites in Ukraine. Among its many relics are the footprint of the Mother of God in a rock, spring with healing water and the miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin. The Olesko Castle, located 70km west of Lviv, is a historical architectural structure dating from the 13th -18th cent. Bohdan Khmelnytsky spent his youngest years at the castle. After the 1975 restoration, a museum was established and the Castle now serves as an exhibition site for the Lviv Gallery of Arts. It features five hundred paintings, sculptures and works of applied art from the 10th -18th cent.

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  • Prices are subject to change, pending number of participants on tour and US $ fluctuation.

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