April 12 – 21, 2020
[image_frame width=”320″ height=”210″ style=”framed_shadow” align=”center”] http://www.scopetravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/EASTER_2020_Big_map_ukraine.jpg[/image_frame] 10 Day All Inclusive Escorted Tour Plus Optional 2 day Karpaty Excursion April 15 – 16

[two_fifth] Land Tour cost: Single suppl: Gratuities: Arriving: Departing: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] $1150 Land rate per person double occupancy $400 $70 Lviv Lviv [/three_fifth_last] [divider_padding]

[two_fifth] Optional Karpaty: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] April 15-16 Lviv – Rohatyn – Ivano Frankivsk – Yaremche, Bukovel – Kolomyja – Kosiv – Lviv. Rate includes: private bus or van for two days, guide, Hotel Edelweiss*** in Yaremche,. Breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner. All sightseeing and entrance fees. Twin $240 sgl $275 Gratuities $30 (Rate based on minimum 6 persons and weather permitting) [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] FLIGHTS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] We will assist you in obtaining your international flights from your gateway city in USA or Canada. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] HOTELS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] Lviv: Astoria Hotel*** [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] SIGHTSEEING: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] As per itinerary, including all entrance fees. No extra charges. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] ESCORT: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] A professional, English-Ukrainian speaking tour manager for entire Lviv stay [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] MEALS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] As indicated on itinerary. Breakfast daily, plus arrival dinner, Sviachene Easter breakfast and Farewell Gala in Lviv. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] SIDE TRIPS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] If you wish to visit surrounding areas of Lviv on one or two day excursions, this may be arranged at additional cost. Advanced confirmation is recommended. Chauffeured cars are available for about $150-$200 per day, and a guide-interpreter is about $10 an hour. No refund will be forthcoming for unused group services. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] TOUR DOCUMENTS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] USA and Canadian citizens DO NOT require visas for Ukraine. Persons holding other documents, please check with Scope Travel consultant. [/three_fifth_last]

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B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner


[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 12 Sunday[/fancy_header3]

USA – Ukraine

Please be at your gateway AIRPORT at least 3 hrs prior to flight departure time. Your baggage must be checked to your final destination. One piece off checked baggage is permitted in economy class at 20kg/ 44lbs.

[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 13 Monday[/fancy_header3]

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Upon arrival in Lviv, you will be met by your local tour director and transferred by bus or van to Astoria Hotel. Remainder of afternoon free. Welcome cocktail and dinner at hotel. A special
briefing will be held after dinner to advise you of all Easter services, festivities and concerts in Lviv during this final Lenten week and the post Easter celebrations.

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Situated in the western part of Ukraine, Lviv, the “City of Lions”, is its heart and soul. Founded in
the 13th c. by King Danylo Halytckyj, it was named in honor of his son Lev (Leo). Through
centuries of Polish, Austrian and Soviet occupation, Lviv was the gateway to “the East”, but with
independence in 1991, Lviv is finally free to develop its own Ukrainian identity.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 14 Tuesday[/fancy_header3]

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Today we proceed on a bus tour of Lviv and will visit Vysokyj Zamok, Lviv University, St. George’s Cathedral, the stronghold of Western Ukraine’s Catholic Church, and the new Sheptytskyj monument. We visit Lychakiv Cemetery to view graves of Ivan Franko, Solomija Krushelnytcka, Volodymyr Ivasiuk, Oleksander Tysovsky and many others.
Our final stop is the Ukrainian Catholic University campus (UKU), where we will see the newly constructed church and the most modern library in Ukraine – memorium to Andrij Sheptyckyj.
Remainder of the day under own arrangements.

[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 15 Wednesday[/fancy_header3]

Lviv Free Day
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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 16 Thursday [/fancy_header3]

Lviv Free Day
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KARPATY OPTIONAL Excursion April 15 – 16 – travel through Rohatyn, Ivano Frankivsk, (lunch) Yaremche Bazaar, Bukovel Ski lift ride and dinner in Hutsulshchyna Restaurant.. Overnight in Yaremche Edeweiss Hotel ***. We return via Kosiv and Kolomyja, where you will visit the Pysanka and Woodcarving Fine Arts Museums. Lunch in a local restaurant.
Arrival in Lviv by 7-8PM.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 17 Friday[/fancy_header3]

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Highlights of today’s morning city center walking tour are Rynok, the 15-16th c. city square, the Dominican Church, Armenian Church Complex, the Chapel of the Bojim Family, the Armenian Quarters and the Opera House. Remainder of the day under own arrangements.

Easter Week festivities details will be distributed to you upon arrival.
[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 17 Fri[/fancy_header3]

Lviv Good Friday
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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 18 Sat[/fancy_header3]

Lviv Blessing of Easter Baskets
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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 19 Sun[/fancy_header3]

Lviv Easter (Sviachene)
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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 20 Mon[/fancy_header3]

Lviv Обливаний Понеділок!
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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 21 Tues[/fancy_header3]

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Easter is a family holiday in Ukraine,and Lviv is the best place to witness this atmosphere. It is here that the family spirit is present on every square and street where traditional Easter folklore celebrations, fairs, concerts and theater performances take place. Famous Ukrainian Easter eggs, embroidery, ceramics, decorations, woodcarvings attract guests to the Easter Markets.
Pysanka (Easter eggs) Festival in Lviv will fill the city with the spirit of Easter. This event will glorify the millennia-old tradition of observing the holiest holiday in the Christian world.

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The main purpose of the festival is to promote Easter traditions and to decorate Lviv with the inherent symbol of Easter – eggs. During this period, Lviv will turn into an “Open Air Museum of Eggs,” where Easter eggs will be created and decorated with different materials.

[image_frame width=”150″ height=”210″ style=”framed_shadow” align=”center”] http://www.scopetravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/15.jpg[/image_frame] [image_frame width=”320″ height=”210″ style=”framed_shadow” align=”center”] http://www.scopetravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/16.jpg[/image_frame]

“Easter in a Grove” Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life annually hosts the ethnographic festival “Easter in a Grove.” Lviv citizens and visitors can learn about the spring time traditions of this region and participate in the Easter celebrations.

Festival visitors will observe master classes in pysanka making. Both children and adults will engage in traditional Easter games. Among them – ‘Kryvyi Tanets’ (continuous dance), takes place on the central lawn of the museum. Throughout the day, on the main stage, you will hear spring songs and hayivky (special songs, which people sing only during Easter). Guests will enjoy performances of singers and folk and dance groups.

The ‘Easter Fair’ takes place on Svoboda Avenue (central avenue) and has become a tradition during the holidays in Lviv – over 80 kiosks! Residents and visitors to the city will be able to buy various items – handmade souvenirs, embroidered shirts, Easter gifts, honey and wax products, household decorative items. Organizers serve traditional Easter delicacies that will satisfy all!

[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 20 Monday[/fancy_header3]

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Free Day Evening Gala Farewell Dinner at a specialty restaurant.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]April 21 Tuesday[/fancy_header3]

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Morning transfer to airport for flights home.

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  • Rates are subject to minor changes, pending number of participants on tour and US $ fluctuation.