January 2 – 11, 2020
[image_frame width=”320″ height=”210″ style=”framed_shadow” align=”center”][/image_frame] 10 Day All Inclusive Escorted Tour Tour Host: Marijka Helbig

[two_fifth] Land Tour cost: Single suppl: Gratuities: Arriving: Departing: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] $1150 Land rate per person double occupancy $400 $70 Lviv Lviv [/three_fifth_last] [divider_padding]

[two_fifth] FLIGHTS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] We will assist you in obtaining your international flights from your gateway city in USA or Canada. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] HOTELS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] ASTORIA HOTEL**** Located in the heart of Lviv, near the opera [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] SIGHTSEEING: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] As per itinerary, including all entrance fees. No extra charges. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] ESCORT: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] Fully escorted throughout the entire itinerary by a professional, English-Ukrainian speaking tour manager for your entire stay. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] MEALS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] As indicated on itinerary: buffet breakfast daily, 2 dinners, Sviata Vechera (traditional Christmas Eve Dinner) [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] SIDE TRIPS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] If you wish to visit surrounding areas of Lviv on one/two day excursions, this may be arranged at additional cost. Advance confirmation is recommended. Chauffeured cars are available for about $150-$200 per day, and a guide-interpreter is about $15 an hour. No refund will be forthcoming for unused group services. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] OPTIONAL SLAVSK EXCURSION ($125): [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] Experience a full day of winter wonderland! Slavsk, about 2 hrs from Lviv, is a popular ski resort with ski lifts and snowmobiles. Enjoy lunch on top of the mountain in a hutsul Kolyba. [/three_fifth_last] [margin10]

[two_fifth] TOUR DOCUMENTS: [/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last] USA and Canadian citizens DO NOT require visas for Ukraine. Persons holding other documents, please check with Scope Travel consultant. [/three_fifth_last]

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B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner


[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 2 Thursday[/fancy_header3]

USA/Canada – Ukraine

Please be at your gateway AIRPORT at least 3 hrs prior to flight departure time. Your baggage must be checked to
your final destination LVIV (code LWO). If you have more than one piece of checked baggage, a surcharge of $125
will be collected at the airport in each direction.

[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 3 Friday[/fancy_header3]

Arrival in Lviv
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Upon arrival at Lviv Airport, after passing through passport and customs control, you will be met by your
tour director and transferred to your city center Hotel Astoria****. The property across the street from the
Opera Theater,is updated with free Wi-Fi. Mon Chef Restaurant serves European cuisine. A welcome
cocktail and dinner awaits you.

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Situated in the western part of Ukraine, Lviv, the “City of Lions”, is its heart and soul. Founded in
the 13th c. by King Danylo Halytckyj, it was named in honor of his son Lev (Leo). Through
centuries of Polish, Austrian and Soviet occupation, Lviv was the gateway to “the East”, but with
independence in 1991, Lviv is finally free to develop its own Ukrainian identity.

[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 4 Saturday[/fancy_header3]

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Highlights of today’s morning city center walking tour are: Rynok, the 15-16th c. city square, the
Dominican Church, Armenian Church Complex, the Chapel of the Bojim Family, the Armenian
Quarters and the Opera House.
Remainder of the day free, with lunch and dinner under own arrangements.
Optional: We will provide you with a list of concerts, opera performances, symphony and theater
shows. Your Lviv tour director will be more than happy to obtain tickets for you, at a fraction of
USA and W. European rates.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 5 Sunday [/fancy_header3]

Lviv Free Day
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Within walking distance from the hotel are the Museum of Ethnography and Craft, the Lviv National Art
Museum, Lviv Art Gallery and many charming cafes and shops. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas
in Lviv! Walk through the city center Christmas Village: sample the many holiday delicacies, view the
colorful decorations and join in with the carolers singing traditional carols. A list of performances in Lviv
Opera House, Lviv Symphony and theaters will be provided at a later date.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 6 Monday [/fancy_header3]

Lviv Christmas Eve
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Your morning is free to roam the streets and kiosks of Lviv. Dinner tonight is the traditional Sviata Vechera
with 12 dishes and more. They say you are supposed to fast all day until this luscious meal …But we will
not tell anybody if you break your fast early in the day for a pampushok or cup of warm wine!

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 7 Tuesday[/fancy_header3]

Lviv Christmas
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Free day under own arrangements.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 8 Wednesday[/fancy_header3]

Lviv Optional Slavsk Excursion
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An optional full- day excursion to a nearby ski resort with lunch at the top of the mountain.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 9 Thursday[/fancy_header3]

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Today we proceed on a bus tour of Lviv and will visit Lviv University, St. George’s Cathedral, the
stronghold of Western Ukraine’s Catholic Church and Lychakiv Cemetery We will stop to visit the
memorial museum “Prison on Lontskoho Street” – the first museum prison in Ukraine dedicated to
the memory of those who suffered at the hands of Ukraine’s occupiers. From 1939-1941,
thousands of political prisoners were brutally tortured and executed by Soviet authorities. The
prison was in use till 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed. Many well-known Ukrainians were
imprisoned here for their anti-Soviet activities.
Our final stop is the Ukrainian Catholic University campus (UKU), where we will see the newly
constructed church and the most modern library in Ukraine – memorium to Andrij Sheptyckyj.
Afternoon and evening free.

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 10 Friday [/fancy_header3]

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A free day to do last minute shopping and visit with family and friends. Evening Gala Farewell

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[fancy_header3 textcolor=”#000000″]Jan 11 Saturday[/fancy_header3]

Lviv to USA or Canada
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Breakfast. Morning hotel/airport transfer.