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TREASURES OF UKRAINE …most extensive tour – only departure !!

B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, D-Dinner
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch
B-Breakfast, D-Dinner

15 Day All Inclusive Escorted Tour

Plus: Baturyn, Chernihiv, Kaniv, Pereyaslav Khmelnytskyj,
Zarvanytsia, Rohatyn, Yaremche, Kolomyja

Date: June 16 – June 30, 2017

June 16 – 30, 2017

15 Day
All Inclusive
Escorted Tour

Most comprehensive and unique !!!

Kyiv – Chernihiv – Baturyn – Kaniv – Pereiaslav Khmelnytsky,   Kamianets Podilsky – Dnister white water rafting or Dnister Riverboat ride – Zarvanytsia,  Lviv – Rohatyn,  Yaremche –  Bukovel ski lift ride –  Kolomyia  – Lviv

Land cost:
Single Supplement:
$2290 twin per person
$150 (bus drivers, local guides and tour director)
We will assist you in obtaining your international flights from your gateway city in USA or Canada.
  • KYIV – Hotel Ukrajina ***
  • KAMIANETS PODILSKY –Hotel Reikartz ***
  • LVIV – Lviv Hotel***
  • YAREMCHE – Edelweiss Hotel***
Price includes:
  • Round trip transfers upon arrival/departure
  • Adriana Helbig, lector on tour, departing with group from USA
  • Tour Director from arrival inKyiv throughout entire itinerary
  • Basic city tours with local guides at each destination
  • Inter-city transportation Kyiv/Kamianets. Podilsky by express train remainder itinerary by air conditioned bus
  • Sightseeing and entrance fees as per itinerary
  • Meals: all breakfast,lunch or dinner daily
  • Lviv: Farewell gala dinner.
  • Accommodation in double room in specified hotels or similar
  • City taxes and entrance fees
Price does not include:
  • Travel Insurance
  • International flights
  • Drinks and personal expenses

B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner

June 16 Friday
USA/Canada – Ukraine

Please be at your gateway AIRPORT at least 3 hrs prior to flight departure time. Your baggage must be checked to your final destination KYIV (code KBP). If you have more than one piece of checked baggage, a surcharge of $25 will be collected upon arrival in Kyiv for porterage.

June 17 Saturday
Arrive Kyiv

Upon arrival in Kyiv, you will be met and transferred to group hotel.

In the evening, we proceed to the Memorials on MAIDAN to pay our respects and lay flowers in memory of the Nebesna Sotnia and other heroes of the MAIDAN.

June 18 Sunday

Morning transfer to the new Ukrainian Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ for AM liturgy.
After lunch a panoramic city tour of Kyiv includes: Khreshchatyk Boulevard, Volodymyr’s Hill, Kyiv National University, the Opera House, St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral and the 11th century Golden Gate. The highlight of this tour is St. Sophia Cathedral, constructed in the 11th c. by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Its construction reflects a strong Byzantine influence, and its interior is a unique harmonious union of mosaics and fresco paintings. Directly opposite St. Sofia (about 500 m.), you will visit the newly (1999) reconstructed St. Michael’s Sobor. Afterwards we leave you in the Andrijivsky Uzviz artisan section for an afternoon of shopping in an open air bazaar of more than 100 kiosks. Dinner under own arrangements.

June 19 Monday
Chernihiv-Baturyn excursion

Halfway from Kyiv to Chernihiv, we approach the sleepy town of Kozelets, where the “Nativity of the Virgin” Cathedral complex (built in 1763) greets you.
Arriving in Chernihiv, one cannot help but notice the brilliance of the golden domes of the various churches and cathedrals. Christianity came to Ukraine in 988, and churches began to be built during the reign of Volodymyr the Great, the prince who converted Ukraine to the new religion. In Chernihiv, there are several architectural examples of Ukrainian Baroque and the Classicist style. The churches that will be visited in Chernihiv: Illinsky Church, Boryso- Hlibsky Cathedral and the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. These landmarks have hardly changed since the time they were built in the 11th and 12th centuries.

The Spasky Cathedral (built in 1036), later renamed Spaso-Preobrazhensky (Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour) is Chernihiv’s oldest and most visited church. It witnessed many historical events, one particularly tragic for Ukraine. It was in this church that the blessing for the union with Russia was given in January, 1654. This union proved to be disastrous for Ukraine, and over three centuries passed before Ukraine was able to regain her independence.

Baturyn served as the official residence and administrative capital of the Ukrainian Hetmans. After Ivan Mazepa was elected hetman of Ukraine in 1687, Baturyn began to flourish as the capital. Travelers from distant lands were impressed with its grandeur. In November, 1708, Tsar Peter I learned about Mazepa’s alliance with his staunch enemy, Swedish King Charles XII, and he ordered Russian forces to destroy the city and kill all the inhabitants. Only one building was left standing. It belonged to Kochubey, the Attorney General, who opposed Mazepa and supported the Russian Tsar. It was this support that saved Kochubey’s house from destruction. It is of a modest size, but its architectural elegance makes it a remarkable landmark. Today, Baturyn is a small town with whitewashed houses and shady gardens, a place of long ago glory.

June 20 Tuesday
Kaniv-Pereyaslav Khmelnytsky

A full day excursion to Kaniv to pay homage at the grave of Taras Shevchenko, the Bard of Ukraine.
This day will also include a visit to Pereyaslav-a vital city in Kyivan Rus. In 1654 the town went down in history when Bohdan Khmelnytsky came to this spot and swore allegiance to the tsar, tying Ukraine‘s lands to Moscow for the next 300 years. The entire town and its surrounding area today make up the Pereyaslav Historical Preserve.

June 21 Wednesday
Kyiv/ Kamianets Podilskyi

In the morning we continue our sightseeing of Kyiv with a tour of Pecherska Lavra (Monastery of the Caves), an active monastery founded in the 11th c. and center of Christianity for Kyivan-Rus. Its complex of churches reflects a unique Ukrainian baroque style which is only surpassed by the beauty of the newly reconstructed Uspensky Cathedral (1998), destroyed by Soviet mines in 1941. The labyrinths of the “near” and “far” caves hold over 115 burial niches containing remains of St. Antoniy, Nestor the Chronicler, and many religious and political leaders. World-renowned Scythian Gold treasures are exhibited within its walls.
A short stop at nearby Honchar Museum, followed by a late lunch and transfer to the rail station for our 5PM express train to Kamianets Podilsky. (Arrival 11:45PM)

June 22 Thursday
Kamianets Podilskyi

This “museum city” is renowned for its diverse historic architecture, but the real “wow” is the immense canyon that completely encircles the old city. The rocky island is high and inaccessible, except for one very small road leading to the site of Podilia’s largest medieval fortress – this castle was built in the 11th c., with additions in the 14th and 18th c.

A full day on the Dnister River will be one of the highlights of this trip – water river rafting or maybe a leisurely boat ride on the Dnistr River concludes or stay in this charming town. .

June 23 Friday
Kamianets Podilskyi/Lviv

We rejoin our touring bus for our trip to Lviv. A short visit to Zarvanytsia, followed by lunch prepared by thesisters. Zarvanytsia is considered the Lourdes of Western Ukraine. It houses a miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin with Christ Child, a spring of healing water, and an active monastery and church. Late arrival in Lviv.

June 24 Saturday

Situated in the western part of Ukraine, Lviv, the “City of Lions”, is its heart and soul. Founded in the 13th c. by King Danylo Halytcky, it was named in honor of his son Lev (Leo). Through centuries of Polish, Austrian and Soviet occupation, Lviv was the gateway to “the East”, but with independence in 1991, Lviv is finally free to develop its own Ukrainian identity.

Highlights of today’s morning city center walking tour are Rynok, the 15-16th c. city square, the former Dominican Church, Armenian Church Complex, and the Armenian Quartersm, the Chapel of the Boim Family and the Opera House. Remainder of the day free with dinner under own arrangements.
Optional: Philharmonic Hall or Opera Theater Performance (pending availability)

June 25 Sunday

Morning free for church services. After lunchin our hotel, we proceed on a bus tour of Lviv and will visit Vysokyj Zamok, Lviv University. St. George’s Cathedral, the stronghold of Western Ukraine’s Catholic Church and the new monument to Metropolitan Andrej . Our final stop Sheptycky is the Memorial museum “Prison on Lontskoho Street” – the first museum prison in Ukraine dedicated to the memory of those who suffered at the hands of Ukraine’s occupiers. From 1939-1041, thousands of political prisoners were brutally tortured and executed by Soviet authorities. The prison was in use till 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed. Many well-known Ukrainians were imprisoned here for their anti-Soviet

June 26 Monday

From Lviv you join your touring coach and travel to the heart of the Carpathian Mts, to Yaremche. Drive through Rohatyn’s newly reconstructed city center, view the lovely statue of Roxolana, then continue to Yaremche, the capital of the most colorful ethno-cultural group of Ukraine – the Hutsuls. We stop at the bazaar, take a ride up the mountain on a ski lift in Bukovel, before our overnight in group hotel.

June 27 Tuesday

Yaremche – the capital of the most colorful ethno-cultural group of Ukrainians – the Hutsuls. Travel through the picturesque area called Hutsulshchyna and marvel at the examples of modern day Hutsul architecture with its wooden buildings, red-clay tiles and steep roofs built for the heavy snow of the mountains.

Today we climb onto Hoverla, the highest Ukraine. Total climb about 7 km: ascent is 5 hrs – descent, 3 hrs.Height reached is 800 m/1760 ft. Tonight specialty dinner with musicians at restaurant Hutsulshchyna.

June 28 Wednesday

Today we join our touring coach to Kolomyia, the heart and soul of Hutsul culture. We visit the famous Pysanka Museum and the Museum of Folk Art of the Hutsul Region. Lunch at a local restaurant. Estimated arrival time in Lviv 4-5PM.

June 29 Thursday

Day free. Gala Dinner at a local restaurant.

June 30 Friday
Lviv/USA or Canada

Transfer to Airport for flights home.

Rates and itinerary are subject to minor changes.